The Bottlest Winery Tour

Most Unique in the Santa Ynez Valley

Go behind the scenes of the largest winery production facility in Santa Barbara Wine Country.

Ever gone to a small "mom and pop" winery tasting room and wondered where they actually make their wine?  Or maybe you were in a "big box" store, a supermarket, or a restaurant and wondered how they were able to have their own wine brand?

That's where Bottlest comes in.  Bottlest, and our parent company Terravant, are what is known as a "custom crush" winery.  That means that while we do have our own wine brands, for the most part we are a “behind the scenes” winery that makes wines and develops brands on behalf of others, including retailers, restaurants, wine clubs, small wineries, and even for individuals like you.  

The Tour

During the Bottlest Winery Tour, you'll start by crafting your own wine on, and ending with a tour of our production facility and barrel room, the largest in the Santa Ynez Valley and one of the largest in all of California.  You will taste six wines along the way- from the bottle, the barrel and the tank- while learning about the "down and dirty" back end of the winemaking process.  

Your $25 fee includes your custom crafted bottle of wine to take home with you.

Tours are by reservation only and can be booked online. Make a reservation now
The Bottlest Winery Tour
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